Saturday, January 15, 2011

day nine: paradise falls.

Today: my sister is gorgeous, and I want to live in Paradise Falls.


Paper Bird and Little Fairy said...

did you paint that picture? that is awesome. awesome, awesome.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures on this and on your other blog are amazingly always, as are the gorgeous people in the photos (and the taker of the photos) I am very sad that I missed it, and I miss you guys! See you guys when I get back! :))
-Shaina :))

Katie said...

LF- I did! my sister and one of my best friends helped too, so it ended up being a lot of fun.

Shaina- awww! thank you! we'll have to do it again when you get home. I MISS YOU! :)

Jazzie said...

cute blog!
pretty pictures.
xxo, Jazzie

cait said...

So sweet and I love the painting.